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Converting a Ring into a Pendant

Watch as I cut the ring apart and affix a backing and attach the pendant to a chain to make Claire’s dream necklace come to life.

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Are David Yurman rings really that hard to size?

I’ve gotten a lot of comments from customers who were having a hard time fining a jeweler to size their David Yurman rings. While these rings are certainly more complex than a standard ring they’re not impossible to size. They just take a bit more time and effort. My favorite part is carving the pattern back. I’m very satisfied with how this one turned out!

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Baguette cut (not the bread)

Baguette cut stones are a classic and elegant choice in the world of gemstone cutting. These rectangular step-cut stones are characterized by their long and narrow shape, resembling a small baguette loaf of bread— hence the name “baguette.” Typically used as side or accent stones, modern trends have shifted toward placing them as the center stone. Here I’m setting a stunning blue sapphire baguette into a yellow gold ring.

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Your diamond might just FALL OUT

Sometimes your diamond could actually just fall out of your ring. This happens when the prongs that hold the stone in the ring wear down and break off:

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Clapping can SEVERELY damage your rings

One of our customers accidentally damaged their ring by simply clapping while they were at a Taylor Swift concert. This damage can occur when someone wears rings on both hands. The simple act of clapping them against each other will cause enough of an impact shock that the thinner ring can become totally deformed. Thankfully I was able to re-round this customer’s ring and fully secure every one of her diamonds.

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Replacing a withered & weathered Cubic Zirconia #jewelry #gold #silver #satisfying

It’s not every day I get to break a stone and it’s definitely more fun when I do it on purpose and not on accident. Emily noticed her CZ was on its last legs and she brought me her ring to spiff it back up. Watch as I go through the process of removing the stone, finding a new one, setting it, and then polishing her ring back to new.   

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