At the NOMA

In the New Orleans Museum of Art, we found this -- a Venetian gilded writing desk.

From NOMA: "Exuberant curves and an explosion of ornament make this Venetian writing desk a quintessential example of Rococo furniture. originating at the court of Louis XV, the Rococo style is acknowledged as the first truly international decorative expression.  Rococo designs formally included sumptuous curves, asymmetry, lighter colors, and natural elements like the rock and shell work, termed rocaille in French, from which the style derived its name."

At the Met

In a recent trip to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, we stumbled on this Byzantine bracelet

Featuring pearls, amethyst, sapphire, glass and quartz, the gold and silver bracelet dates back to 500-700 A.D.  A gift of J. Pierpont Morgan to The Met in 1917, the bracelet is currently on display in the museum's Gallery 302.

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